Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Two Brother's Cane and Ebel

Beer: Two Brother's Cane and Ebel
Brewery Location: Warrenville, Ill
Beer Style: Rye Beer
Serving Style: Bottle/Bomber
ABV: 7.0%

This is my second review of a Two Brother's beer. This one is a little special though. It's a limited series and what is out on the shelf's right now is all, so if you see it grab one. I enjoyed this before the Purdue game on Saturday night. I enjoyed this one with my great friend and beer drinking buddy Kevin.

It pours a very dark ruddy/reddish hue with a very small off white head that dissipated very quickly with decent lacing down the pint glass. The smell isn't as pronounced as other rye beers I've sampled. I get minimal grapefruit smell with sweet sugar and a small dose of rye. The taste is very bold and well balanced with bready maltiness huge hop pine/grapefruit flavor and leaves a sweet sugar flavor at the back of my palate. This is very unique and very satisfying. I will warn you that the mouthfeel is very thick and coating. I really want one of these on a cool fall day. The drinkability for one is very high, but I wouldn't go back for much more at one time. This really is a very nice surprise and am very happy I got to try it.

I hope Two Brother's will bring this back. It's a great offering and it's great to see brewers going into categories like rye beers. Great offering.

4.25 out of 5.

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