Sunday, September 9, 2007


I love beer. I am sure many people would say they do, but I would call myself a beer geek. I rate it, spend way to much money on it, follow beer news, go to beer tastings, and can't wait to try my next offering.

I don't drink to get drunk. I drink because I love the combination of four amazing ingredients, fermentation, and flavorings to create something amazing. I love the social aspect of beer. Beer people are almost always good people.

Particularly I love craft brewers. It's really amazing to take your first drink of a brewers offering you know they put their soul into it. I live in the mid-west and have access to some of most amazing craft brewing in the country right now. Three Floyds, Bells, Founders, Arcadia, Stone (I know they are from California, but I can get them here) Two Brothers, BBC, DogFishHead, and a host of others.

My plan is to review beers, events, and general ramblings that will have occurred at something beer related.



bren7183 said...

Checked out your website! Very cool. Great job.


derekge said...

Very nice blog! I did a google search for Belhaven Scottish Ale and I stumbled here. I have cousins in Indy and was just there in the summer - didn't know about the local breweries though. I'd be interested in learning more about beers for trade.

- Derek

Matt said...

Thanks for stopping in Derek. There is a ton of great brewing going on here in the midwest, as well as some amazing beer going on out near you as well.

the biggest names you would have heard of would be Three floyds and Bells that you can't get out there.

We can get Russian River, Alesmith, Ballast Point from California. Those are some of the breweries that I like from California.

derekge said...

I haven't tried any you listed but a California beer you have to try is from Karl Strauss. It's San Diego's flagship brewery and the Amber Lager will keep you happy.

I usually shop at Bevmo out here but I guess I would have to order online somewhere else to get an even better selection. Next time I shop I'm gonna pick up some of your selections.

Draft is the best though - if I find a local bar with Alaskan Amber or my favorite Fat Tire I make it a point to stay for at least 3 hours :]

matt said...

I spent most of my day reading this blog, word for word, since it has been slow at work.

Extremely good blog! Makes mine look like shit, haha