Monday, September 24, 2007

Tetley's English Ale

Beer: Tetley's English Ale
Brewery Location: Leeds, UK
Beer Style: English Pale Ale
Serving Style: Nitro-Tap
ABV: 5.0%

I had this at Chatham Tap on Saturday. I drank this like it was going out of style when I was England because it was always the cheapest drink in the house, and if you have been to England in the last four years you know that our dollar isn't worth much in the UK. So me being the frugal man that I am, but still wanted beer here was my solution.

I haven't seen this on tap anywhere in Indiana. I've had it on tap at the Map Room in Chicago, but still haven't seen it here. (except now Chatham Tap) If you have leave me a message where you saw it and I will check it out.

This was presented in a 20 oz imperial pint glass with a perfect pour and the cascading head with plenty of movement from the nitro-tap. It had a perfect 2 fingers of dense head strikingly set on top of an amber hued beer . There isn't much smell going on here just a touch of malt is all I can really pick up. The first sip is very light and very creamy and light textured. Beer is well balanced for what it is and is slightly sweet with slight caramel malt overtones. Light carbonation leads to easy drink ability and paired well with my meal that was packed full of gouda cheese and mushroom. This beer is subtle, easy drinking, and slightly sweet. It's a good beer, but not something I am going to be seeking out often. All in all it's a good beer to give a chance, but don't be surprised when it doesn't pack the flavor you might be looking for.

3.75 pints out of 5.

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