Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Heorot

Place: The Heorot Pub
Location: Muncie, IN

The wife and I were bored yesterday and decided to drive to Munice. I graduated from Ball State University (The Harvard of the Midwest!) and haven't been back except for one homecoming. One of my favorite places though when I was there was the Heorot. I couldn't wait for Friday's because at the time a person could get a pint of Guinness and a decent pizza for only 5$. That's a pretty good deal. (The Pizza's are now 2.50$ instead of $2.00 and $3.00 Guinness drafts are only on Sundays)

The Heorot may just be the best beer bar in Indiana. It's oddly tucked away in downtown Muncie. The area just doesn't seem like a place where you would find this beer haven. The first thing noticed when walking in is how dark it is in the place quickly followed by the Norse/Germanic themed items all over the walls. I don't know what a Viking Mead house would look like, but this is pretty much what I am going to go with. Once you get over the decor you look and see an amazing array of tap handles. There is stuff on tap here you won't find anywhere else in Indiana and maybe even the Midwest. We were there in the early afternoon and the place was very quiet with only about five other patrons. The bartender knew his away around good beer as well. I asked for something that I couldn't get in Indianapolis and he quickly asked if I was going to be having multiple beers from different brewers. He wanted me to start off with lowest IBU's (International Bittering Unit -the scale used to measure hop bitterness) and work my way up. I was going to ask this same question, but he beat me to it. Bonus points for him and at least 25% tip from this point. I was always well taken care of and asked about my next selection before my current beer was empty.

This place is great. You can't beat this place in terms of selection and character. I would love for this place to be closer to me, but it's probably good that it isn't because I would be there more than I should. I hope that I can somehow pay to buy something from the cellar as well. I have never been in it, but have heard it might just be the best beer cellar anywhere near here with selections and vintages from all over the world. You can see some pics of it here.

4.75 Pints out of 5!

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