Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sam Adams Octoberfest

Beer: Sam Adams Octoberfest
Brewery Location: Boston, MA
Beer Style: Oktoberfest/Marzen
Serving Style: Bottle
ABV: 5.7%

Marzenbier (literally March beer) is the style of many Oktoberfest beers. There are some like Muncher Oktoberfestbier that are only available during the real Oktoberfest in Munich. Most other that are not sanctioned for the real event are in the style of Marzen. The man that invented "March Beer" brewed it.....wait for it.......wait for it...... IN MARCH!! This is because in Germany at the time refrigeration had not been invented yet and it was far too hot in the summer months for the brewing process. Brewers would brew large batches in the spring months and people could drink it all summer, but with the invention and popularity of the railroads people were heading to Oktoberfest in Munich and this is the beer style that really took on popularity with the people, and it's been that way just about ever since.

I will be honest that I am a fan of Sam Adams. Not really the beer as much as the company. I really think Sam Adams (The Boston Beer Company) is the most visual brewer in the craft beer movement. They are a big company and sell alot of beer, but I think their influence is incalculable. There would still be an amazing craft beer movement without Sam Adams, but I don't think as many people would be drinkers of craft beer. I know several people that Sam Adams was their gateway beer, and they are apt to try one of the varying styles of their beer just because it's a Sam Adams product and that has helped them move onto other craft brewers of the same style of beer. Much of Sam Adam's beer though is actually brewed in Cincinnati and not in Boston. I am not sure where my Octoberfest was brewed, but I just wanted to throw that in. On to the beer:

It pours a mix of orange, copper, and slight amber hue. It's already great as a fall beer. Has a very light off-white head that dissipated very quickly and left minimal lacing on the glass. The smell isn't very pronounced. It does smell fresh and a bit malty. The taste is a bit sweet upfront with toasted bready malt coming through with a very weak hop taste trying to come though. The finish is also a bit sweet for me. The carbonation is light and makes for high drinkability and the mouthfeel is crisp and a bit sticky at points.

This isn't a bad beer, but it's not a great beer either. I wouldn't make a session out of this, and I don't think I will be ordering it anytime soon either.

2.75 out of 5

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