Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Hop Shop

Place: The Hop Shop
Location: 96th Street

I stopped by The Hop Shop the other night after dinner at the Claddagh. Living on the south side I don't really get to make it up to here very often, but I do wish it was much closer to me.

The store is run by probably the best and most accessible shop owner that I've ever encountered. Courtney that owns the place is very knowledgeable about his products in the store and will talk with you about anything in his shop. I probably talked with him for a good thirty minutes ranging from the hop shortage, his competition, breweries, and local brew pubs. It is just good to do business with someone that still believes in customer service that much and taking care of the people that take care of him.

Everything is the store is impeccable. Everything is well sorted and in order, and it is all categorized by location of the brewery. The selection is great for craft beer enthusiasts. The selection isn't quite as big as Kahn's or Party Pak, but everything that I could want for the most part is there. Courtney also told me that they are trying to sell out of their liquor supply and will be replacing that section with more beer, so soon enough he will have a bigger selection than he already has.

If you are in the area check out this place for your craft beer needs. I also found his prices to be slightly lower than the other places in town. .50 cents or a dollar here and there really add up.

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